Is there a small domestic crawler excavator worth about $30000?

Is there a small domestic crawler excavator worth about $30000?

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  Now the demand for mini excavators in China is increasing, especially in rural areas, many people have the purchase demand for small excavators, but everyone is not very clear about the price of small excavators. Let's introduce the relevant information.

  Do you have a domestic crawler of 40000 yuan?

  The answer is, yes.

  Take the small excavator model product of this station as an example, the small and micro excavator model is mts08, and the after tax quotation is about $30000. The basic configuration is Changchai / Kepu 192engine, domestic well-known pump, valve and motor, rubbercrawler, mechanical rod operation. Of course, this mini excavator weighs 0.8 tons, which belongs to the small excavator with low configuration in this station.

  The model mts08 mini excavator is as follows:

  The quotation of 0.8-ton mini excavator of mts08 is about 30000

  Of course, there is a little bit larger, with a higher pilot hydraulic excavator, mts13 model, 1.3t, after tax quotation of about 40000 yuan. It is suitable for the construction site that needs more power and engineering work. It is equipped with Changchai / Kepu 192engine, domestic well-known pump, valve and motor, rubbercrawler, cast iron counterweight, the first sub pilot hydraulic system in China, and pilot type mechanical operation.

  For other small excavators of more models, you can also consult the online customer service of this station to understand. If there is a purchase demand, you can add wechat communication to understand the specific order and logistics delivery process.


  Tonnage definition knowledge of small excavator:

  In countries where excavators and loaders are very popular, such as England, France, Italy, etc. 1-3T small excavator is the mainstream product. However, it is not widely used in excavator loading countries, such as Germany. More inclined to large 4-6 tons of excavator products.

  We position that the weight tonnage of small excavators is 1-6 tons of excavators and loaders, which can become small excavators, among which 2.7-3 tons of products account for a large proportion in the world. The main reason is that they are easy to transport and convenient to transfer. Most of the working environment can also adapt.

  If it is a small and micro excavator with the price of about 30000 yuan in mts08 model, which is used for trenching, trenching, drilling, bulldozing and other operations in agricultural fields or orchards in China, it can also be fully competent.

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