How much is a crawler mini excavator? Where can I find crawlermini excavator

How much is a crawler mini excavator? Where can I find crawlermini excavator

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  mini excavators are now a very popular type of excavators. Rural individuals or small groups have a great demand for excavators. But many of you don't know the price of a small excavator. Let's talk about the approximate price of small excavators in the current market.

  As for the mini excavator of the small excavator network in this station:

  The price of 0.8-ton mini excavator with mts08 model is about 30000 yuan after tax. Configuration: Changchai / Kepu 192engine, domestic famous pump, valve and motor, rubbercrawler, mechanical rod operation.

  The price of 1.6-ton mini excavator with mts16 model is about 85000 yuan after tax. It is equipped with imported Yanmar 3-cylinder engine, Eaton rotary, domestic well-known pump valve, rubbercrawler, cast iron counterweight, mechanical pull rod operation and tailless rotary.

  The price of 2.2t small excavator with mts22 model is about 110000 yuan after tax. It is equipped with imported Yanmar 3 cylinder engine, Eaton rotation, load sensitive hydraulic system, pilot operation, tailless rotation, boom side swing and chassis expansion.

  Generally speaking, the more expensive the small excavator, the better the configuration, and the different engine horsepower. How much money to buy a small excavator, mainly depends on your functional requirements, the needs of construction operations.

  If you want to know more specific price and working environment of each model, you can consult our online customer service.

  Function of small excavator:

  Mini excavator orchard planting


小型挖掘机 果园种植作业

Mini crawler excavator is mainly used for site leveling and backfilling. The operation is very simple, small and flexible, and the transportation is also very convenient. Be able to work in a small space. It is especially suitable for digging ditches and channels in orchard operations, such as kiwifruit circle, vineyard, orange garden, navel orange seed value, trenching, fertilization, weeding, etc. In any place where trenching, crushing, trenching, drilling, and bulldozing are required, they are perfectly competent.

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