What causes the high temperature of small excavators

What causes the high temperature of small excavators

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What is the reason for the high temperature of the small excavator?

What causes the high temperature of small excavators

1. Check the radiator. Excavators work in harsh environments all year round, so there will always be a lot of dust and small debris blocking the radiator of the hydraulic radiator and water tank. In particular, a small amount of oil leakage from a hydraulic radiator is the simplest radiator blocked behind the oil tank. Everyone should pay attention to whether there is any leakage of hydraulic radiator.

2. Check the engine cylinder head gasket. I don't know if you noticed the water circulation in the water tank. It may be a small bubble. If this happens, there is a problem with the engine's cylinder head.

3. Check that the pump starts the machine, and then squeeze the outlet pipe by hand. If it feels strong when squeezed, the pump is not a problem. If it is easy to squeeze, the pump circulation is not good!

4. Check if the water tank cover is broken, which will also cause the water temperature to rise. As the water tank cover is damaged, it is easy to cause water ingress when water circulation occurs. So the water temperature will be higher!

5. Check if the thermostat is open a bit or stuck.

6. Check whether the fan is high-speed, and whether it cannot keep up with the engine pulley. This is why the water temperature tends to rise! Check the oil pump.

7. Check the flow of the oil pump. Of course it is now a computer controlled machine. There are also oil pumps and the like that are too big or too small, or the injection angle is wrong. The water temperature is also very high. However, this phenomenon is very rare.

8. Check whether there is dirt in the waterway, which causes the water flow to decrease, which is also a problem.

This is an introduction to the high temperature of a small excavator, understand?

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