What is the problem of abnormal noise when using the small mini excavator

What is the problem of abnormal noise when using the small mini excavator

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The small mini excavator will make abnormal noises during use. what is the reason?

What is the problem of abnormal noise when using the small mini excavator

Small fan: classification of abnormal noise from excavators

1. The excavator works abnormally;

2. Abnormal steering of the excavator;

3. Abnormal sound of excavator rod;

4. Abnormal noise of excavator engine;

First of all, small fans: common causes of abnormal noise from excavators

The root canal excavation of the manipulator was extremely worn, the parts of the excavator were poorly lubricated, the gap between the crankshaft connecting rod and the valve was excavated, and the back pressure valve of the excavator was stuck. Excavator repair refers to the deterioration or breakdown of the technical condition of the equipment. Technical activities to restore its functions, including various planned maintenance, unplanned failure maintenance and accident maintenance.

2. Little fan, you can dig out the common causes of abnormal noise:

Your excavator's slewing bearing is worn out, the connecting bolts are loose or there are impurities in the bearing (impurities in the bearing may be worn by the rolling elements and raceways), the friction between the rotating parts of the excavator is abnormal, and the hydraulic circuit of the excavator is abnormal . The gear ring of the rotary motor of the excavator has no grease.

3. Small fans: common causes of abnormal noise of excavators

The wheels of modern excavators are abnormally worn, the sleeve and cylinder seals are ineffective, and the air and hydraulic oil in the bucket cylinder are insufficient. Maintenance of your excavator in Xiaomi refers to the technical activities to restore the equipment function after its technical condition deteriorates or fails, including planned maintenance, unplanned failure maintenance and accident maintenance.

Fourthly, my little fan, the noise of your excavator engine can be broken down into:

1. Engine crankshaft abnormal noise and engine vibration: Too large crankshaft clearance causes axial abnormal noise, re-select the noise of replacing the bearing.

2. Abnormal sound of main bearing, engine vibration: loose main shaft neck and bearing, poor lubrication and combustion of main bearing, bent crankshaft or large axial clearance.

3. Abnormal engine idling noise, low and medium speed buzzing noise: poor lubrication or improper bearing fit, poor bearing quality or loose installation clearance, too tight can not deform the bearing components, cause the alloy to fall off, the connecting rod journal becomes round, and the bearing contact is poor .

4. Small fan: abnormal noise of timing gear Timing gear is worn or improperly assembled, resulting in too large or too small meshing gap, crankshaft and camshaft center line not parallel, camshaft timing gear loose or poor lubrication, camshaft gear teeth Broken or radial gear fracture.

5. The engine idling speed is high and the camshaft is abnormal: the camshaft axial clearance is too large or the camshaft is loose.

6. Abnormal noise from the engine valve presser foot: the valve mechanism components are worn or improperly adjusted, the valve clearance is too large, and the valve mechanism lacks lubrication.

7. Engine buzzing and abnormal sound of hydraulic tappet: engine oil level is too high or too low, hydraulic tappet lacks lubricating oil, hydraulic tappet fails.

Little fan, this is an introduction to how to deal with the abnormal noise of your excavator. Hope it helps you.

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