Maintenance knowledge necessary to drive a small excavator

Maintenance knowledge necessary to drive a small excavator

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Drivers of small excavators are most familiar with excavators, so drivers must also master the knowledge that they must know when driving excavators.

Maintenance knowledge necessary to drive a small excavator

More and more small excavator masters are beginning to pay attention to the maintenance of small excavators, because problems or failures in operation of small excavators are inevitable. As a small excavator technician, if you don't work on your own small excavator. If you are diagnosed, you can only say that you are not a small excavator technician.

In addition, most of them use second-hand small excavators, so when the small excavators are overloaded, the waist will inevitably be folded. Let me talk about how the small excavator repairer can troubleshoot the overheating of the small excavator engine;

First, look

The engine temperature is found to be too high or the temperature indicator continues to flash. The inspection must be stopped to see whether the cooling water in the water tank is normal, and whether the water tank, water pipes and joints are leaking. If no abnormality is found in the external inspection, please add cooling water as needed and continue working.

If the temperature is too high after working for a period of time, the cooling water will be greatly reduced after the shutdown inspection, which is mainly due to the loss of blisters or perforations in the water jacket of the cylinder. After discovering this fault, it should be repaired and not taken lightly.

Second, touch

When the engine temperature is too high, you can touch the temperature of the upper and lower pipes to determine the fault. If the temperature difference between the two tubes is large, it can be judged that the thermostat is not working. If the accessory is temporarily unavailable, you can remove and replace the thermostat immediately after the accessory is installed.

Third, put

If there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will be formed, resulting in poor cooling water circulation and excessive engine temperature. It can be deflated by running the engine at high speed and gently unscrewing the fuel tank cap until the gas is released. At this time, some cooling water will flow out with the gas. This time is repeated several times until you feel the gas is being discharged. At this point, the pipe temperature at hand will be significantly different from the pipe temperature. After troubleshooting, add cooling water in time.

Four, punch

If dirt adheres to the radiator, it will affect the heat dissipation effect over time, resulting in excessive water temperature. The radiator grille can be blown with compressed air and then flushed with a hose.

There are generally four main steps to solve the overheating problem of small excavators. "One look, two modes, three sides, four strokes" As long as these four steps are mastered, the problem of low temperature of the excavator engine can be reasonably solved.

Drivers of small excavators must first take good care of the excavator, and then operate the excavator proficiently in order to work together and improve efficiency.

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