Maintenance of cooling system of small excavator

Maintenance of cooling system of small excavator

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1. Open the left rear door and engine cover of the device, and loosen the wing nut. Remove and clean the oil cooler and the air filter in front of the air cooler.

Maintenance of cooling system of small excavator

2. Flush the radiator fins with high-pressure air or water. First, flush from the outside to the inside, and then from the inside to the outside to remove the dust attached to the radiator.

3. After cleaning, carefully check the space between the radiators. If there is dirt, please clean it again.

4. Open the water tank cover and the lower cover of the water tank, and place a container under the water tank. Open the drain valve and drain the antifreeze in the water tank.

5. Pour cleaning fluid into the water tank and let the engine run at idle speed for 20 minutes. After draining the cleaning fluid, add soft water to the water tank, and then run the engine for 20 minutes.

6. For small excavators, after the engine is cooled and drained, add antifreeze suitable for the ambient temperature to the specified level.

Tip: Too loose engine fan belt will cause heat dissipation, poor charging of the equipment, and premature wear of the belt. Too tight belts can damage pumps, generators and air compressors. Please check the tension of the fan belt every 250 hours (50 hours at a time)! Excavator high temperature and smoke alarm

Failure symptoms:

Recently, the excavator does not feel very strong, and the excavator also has a high temperature smoke alarm. I don't know what happened.

Find out the cause of high temperature faults and alarms.

1. The problem of the supercharger.

2. The engine valve is broken.

3. It may be Baowa.

4. Missing valve seat or missing valve seat ring.

5. The turbocharging is not good.

6. The piston is broken.

7. The intercooler radiator is blocked.

8. The turbocharger or valve falls off.

9. The crankshaft may be damaged.

10. The core of the turbocharger is stuck, it may be a nozzle problem.

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