Working characteristics of small excavator and cleaning method of hydraulic system

Working characteristics of small excavator and cleaning method of hydraulic system

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What are the distinctive working characteristics of small excavators that we need to understand?

Working characteristics of small excavator and cleaning method of hydraulic system

The design of the tail rotation radius makes it unnecessary for the excavator operator to consider whether there are obstacles hindering the rotation of the excavator when the small excavator works in a limited working environment, so that the operator can pay more attention to the bucket. This also prevents damage to buildings and excavators around the construction site. The main feature of a small excavator in a narrow area is its special boom and stick design.

The boom of the small excavator is hinged on the fuselage and can swing in a wide range. This design allows the excavator to avoid obstacles without frequently moving the body around the obstacle. At the same time, it also allows the excavator to easily dig at or near the wall. The rubber track of the small excavator helps to reduce the damage to the road in the landscape area and the narrow construction area during the excavation process.

Share the cleaning method of hydraulic system of domestic small excavator

1. When cleaning the hydraulic system of a small excavator, please use hydraulic oil or test oil to work. It is not recommended to use kerosene, alcohol, steam or other liquids. Prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, fuel tanks and seals.

2. During the cleaning process, the hydraulic pump runs while the cleaning medium is heated. When the temperature of the cleaning fluid is 50-80, the rubber residue in the system can be easily removed.

3. When cleaning, non-metal hammer can be used for continuous connection of oil pipes, which is helpful to remove deposits in the pipes.

4. The intermittent operation of the hydraulic pump is beneficial to improve the cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is 10-30 minutes.

5. It is recommended to install a filter or oil filter on the turning road with a clean oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, more cartridges and 80 mesh filters will be available. After cleaning, the filter will be replaced with 150 mesh or more.

6. The cleaning time should be determined according to the complexity of the system, the filtration accuracy requirements and the degree of pollution, generally 48-60 hours.

7. In order to prevent external moisture corrosion, the hydraulic pump should continue to operate continuously after cleaning, and know that the temperature returns to normal.

8. After cleaning, remove clean oil from the circuit.

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