What are the reasons for the high temperature of small excavators

What are the reasons for the high temperature of small excavators

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What is the cause of the high temperature generated by the small excavator?

What are the reasons for the high temperature of small excavators

1. Check the radiator. Excavators work in harsh environments all year round, so there will always be a lot of dust and small debris blocking the hydraulic radiator and the radiator of the water tank, especially the radiator behind the water tank is most likely to be affected by the hydraulic radiator. A small amount of oil leakage is blocked, so everyone should pay attention to whether the hydraulic radiator leaks.

2. Check the engine cylinder head gasket. I don't know if you noticed any water in the water tank. This may be a small bubble. If this is the case, there is a problem with the engine's cylinder head.

3. Check the pump to start the machine and squeeze out the water pipe by hand. If it feels strong when squeezed, the pump is not a problem. If it is easy to squeeze, the pump circulation is not good!

4. Check whether the fuel tank cap is cracked, which will also cause the water temperature to rise. Because the water tank cover is broken, the water in the water circulation is likely to cause water to enter. So the water temperature will be higher!

5. Check if the thermostat is open or stuck. Usually deleted in summer!

6. Check whether the fan is high-speed, and whether it cannot keep up with the engine pulley. This is why the water temperature tends to rise! Check the oil pump.

7. Check the flow of the oil pump. Of course it is now a computer controlled machine. There are also oil pumps that are too large or too small, or the injection angle is incorrect. The water temperature is also very high. However, this phenomenon is very rare.

8. Check the waterway. Fouling in waterways is also a problem, resulting in reduced water flow.

9. Check the antifreeze. If you add antifreeze to the machine, it will evaporate. It means you didn't add glycol antifreeze. Because the boiling point of real glycol antifreeze is 105-110 degrees, higher than the boiling point of water, it is not easy to volatilize. So everyone should pay attention to freezing!

The hydraulic oil temperature is too high, which is a common fault of the hydraulic system of the excavator. The reasons are more complicated, and the faults involved are more extensive and often difficult to deal with. The causes of hydraulic high temperature are divided into sudden high temperature failures, long-term high temperature failures and excavation. The age of machines has a considerable relationship.

The specific problems are divided into the following categories: the internal blockage of the hydraulic oil radiator or the dirty surface of the radiator affect the heat dissipation effect;

1. The hydraulic oil tank is short of hydraulic oil or hydraulic oil, the hydraulic filter is blocked, and the temperature is high;

2. Excessive leakage of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system leads to excessive leakage of hydraulic oil, resulting in excessively high temperature in the wear gap of the hydraulic components of each spool;

3. The oil return check valve is damaged (spring damage or valve blockage), resulting in no oil return or direct oil return through the radiator;

4. Circuit system failure, sensor or circuit problem, false alarm;

5. The internal leakage of the hydraulic pump exceeds the standard, causing the working device to slow down and the temperature is high;

6. The engine power is insufficient, the hydraulic system load increases, and the resistance of the working device increases, resulting in high temperature;

7. For large excavators, the hydraulic system has independent hydraulic fan motors, hydraulic fan pumps and hydraulic fan solenoid valves, all of which will cause high hydraulic temperature.

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