Teach you how to distinguish the skills of used excavators

Teach you how to distinguish the skills of used excavators

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What problems should be paid attention to when buying second-hand small excavators? Let's take a look today.

Teach you how to distinguish the skills of used excavators

The appearance and operation of small excavators are very similar to other ordinary excavators. When users want to buy second-hand excavators, they must use various methods to measure them to avoid being fooled.

First, what kind of appearance is most important

1. The mini excavator first appeared in the mid-1980s, and now it has many functions that the old model did not have, so users need to know in advance which functions and parts of the machine they want to buy.

2. The hydraulic servo rod is better than the old control rod. Sometimes the bulldozer is not standard; of course, the user may want to find a device with a hinged arm that can easily enter the building and auxiliary pipes; a zero-tail swing is required in a compact environment. It is especially important for builders who work in the middle.

Second, about the bucket and boom

1. Small excavators are not always used as excavators. Builders sometimes use them to stack or lay pipes. Therefore, users need to pay attention to the condition of the bucket to ensure that there are no problems when piling, squeezing and walking.

2. Another important part is the bucket cylinder connecting pin and bushing. It is important to check the tightness of these places. Many problems are caused by neglecting maintenance and inspection. When the user starts the machine to move the bucket, connecting rod and rear arm, he may see the pin or cylinder move, but the connecting rod and bucket will not move because the pin and bushing parts are loose.

3. Another important point is to carefully observe the rear arm attached to the excavator. If the connection under the rear arm is excessively worn, the value of the entire equipment may be lost, and oil spill means that the entire pipeline may be contaminated.

4. It is very important to check the hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe. In good condition, the chrome-plated surface of the hydraulic cylinder has no scratches, dents or oil leakage. If hydraulic oil leaks, dust may contaminate the hydraulic system.

5. Make sure that the cylinder wall is not damaged or dented. The gap between the cylinder and the cylinder wall is very small. As long as there is debris in the pipeline, a large amount of metal debris will be generated due to wear during the operation of the hydraulic cylinder and remain in the hydraulic system.

Third, pay attention to the welding on the fuselage

1. Carefully observe the cracks on the excavator and the welding traces left by the original manufacturing. These things indicate that the machine has been overused.

2. Another good way is to use a straight board on the back arm to see if there is any misalignment or deformation. Pay special attention to additional steel plate repairs. There may be scratches and dents on the machine, but if there are too many patches on the machine, it may mean that the machine has been used for a long time.

3. Rubber track and chassis

The rubber track on the domestic small excavator is different from the guide rail on the large machine, which is suitable for grass and driveway. In most cases, users will not carefully check the wear of rubber tracks such as railway tracks.

As a result, only the wear of the rubber track was observed. In the case where too much wear was not observed on the sprocket and idler, it is estimated that cracks and edge wear were used on the rubber track. When the tire is worn, it is best to look at the tire.

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