How to safely transport ultra-small excavators

How to safely transport ultra-small excavators

2020-11-05 10:30:30  edit:xiaoli

Today, we will introduce the safe transportation of small excavators.

How to safely transport ultra-small excavators

1. Loading and unloading work, installing excavators. Unloading is a dangerous job, so when loading and unloading excavators, pay attention to keeping the generator running at a low speed and walking slowly.

2. Ensure that the ramp has enough width, length and thickness so that the excavator can drive up and down safely. If the slope is significantly bent, reinforce it with washers.

3. When loading and unloading the excavator, park the trailer on a flat and solid road and keep a reasonable distance between the excavator and the road shoulder.

4. Remove the dirt on the lower walking body to prevent the excavator from slipping on the slope.

5. Ensure that the surface of the ramp is clean and free of grease, oil, ice and loose materials.

6. It is forbidden to change the direction of the excavator on the slope. If you need to change the direction, change the direction according to the slope and then drive up.

7. When the excavator is driving the trailer, the position of the excavator's feet is unstable, and these actions should be slow.

8. When the cab door is closed or opened, check whether the door lock is locked.

9. Do not open and close the cab door on the platform or ramp. This may cause sudden changes in steering force.

10. When loading and unloading trucks, ramps or platforms are usually used.

11. Brake the trailer correctly and place pads under the tires to ensure that the trailer will not move. Then fix the trailer between the trailer and the center of the excavator, ensuring that the slopes on both sides are on the same plane. The inclination angle must not exceed 15. The distance between the inclined surfaces matches the center distance of the tire.

12. Aim the excavator at the slope, try to lower the working device without hitting the trailer, and then drive slowly, pushing the excavator up and down. Except for the operating lever, do not operate any lever on the slope. Park the excavator correctly on top of the trailer.

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