Analyze the problems of the development of subminiature excavators and the method of cleaning the hy

Analyze the problems of the development of subminiature excavators and the method of cleaning the hy

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1. Competition in this industry is disorderly

At present, the ultra-small excavator industry is out of control, and no department can effectively manage it, leading to disorderly competition in the entire industry. There are many manufacturers, small workshops are more common, and the products are homogenized. In the price war, in the fierce price competition, the manufacturers first consider how to reduce the manufacturing cost of the product, and then the product performance and quality. Therefore, the design and manufacturing standards are far lower than those of construction machinery. For example, agricultural tire excavators can only use simple hydraulic system design and domestic hydraulic components, resulting in poor controllability, low operating efficiency and frequent failures.

Analyze the problems of the development of subminiature excavators and the method of cleaning the hydraulic system

2. The quality and technical level of domestic hydraulic parts are low

At present, the quality and technical level of domestic hydraulic parts limit the production of ultra-small excavators. The performance and reliability of domestic hydraulic parts are still difficult to meet the requirements of ultra-small excavators. Hydraulic parts have been imported for a long time and cannot be used in the production season. The supply is timely, and the supply price is much higher than that of foreign companies. Foreign brand products occupy excess profits by virtue of technological advantages. Domestic production companies are at a disadvantage in the competition with foreign companies, and their market share is not high. The high price of imported hydraulic components has pushed up the price of the whole machine, restricted the purchase and use of farmers, and restricted the development of the industry.

3. Lack of business management and technical personnel

In general, the quality of domestic ultra-small excavator companies is low, and the scale of production companies is small. The education level of ordinary employees to corporate managers is generally low, corporate management is chaotic, professional and technical personnel are lacking, and the product technology content is relatively low. Lack of complete machine optimization design, innovation and patents.

4. The quality and level of training and after-sales service. The hydraulic components of ultra-small excavators have high precision, which puts forward high requirements on the use, maintenance and maintenance of users. Some companies do not pay enough attention to user training, resulting in users not being able to operate the machine proficiently, and it is difficult for operators to use and maintain the machine improperly. However, the three-guarantee service personnel of some companies failed to solve the problem in time, which affected the economic benefits of operators and restricted the development of the industry.

Share the cleaning method of the hydraulic system of the ultra-small excavator

1. When cleaning the hydraulic system of an ultra-small excavator, please use hydraulic oil or test oil for work. It is not recommended to use kerosene, alcohol, steam or other liquids. Prevent corrosion of hydraulic components, pipelines, fuel tanks and seals.

2. During the cleaning process, the hydraulic pump runs while the cleaning medium is heated. When the temperature of the cleaning fluid is 50-80, the rubber residue in the system can be easily removed.

3. When cleaning, you can use a non-metal hammer to connect the tubing continuously, which is helpful to remove the deposits in the tubing.

4. The intermittent operation of the hydraulic pump helps to improve the cleaning effect, and the intermittent time is 10-30 minutes.

5. It is recommended to install a filter or filter screen at the turn of the clean oil circuit. At the beginning of cleaning, there will be more magazines and 80 mesh filters can be used. After cleaning, the filter will be replaced with 150 mesh or more.

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