Share the cleaning measures for small excavators

Share the cleaning measures for small excavators

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Bian Xiao has repeatedly reported on the cleaning and maintenance of small excavators, but many friends still don’t know. Let Bian Xiao say it again.

Share the cleaning measures for small excavators

The three major filters of small excavators mainly refer to: air, diesel filters, and oil filters. This is one of the tasks that our robot friends often contact; but do you know the specific maintenance methods of the three filters? Some may be more ambiguous, look at the following content!

The so-called "three filters" refer to air filters, diesel filters and oil filters installed on the air filters. The "three filters" are clean and timely, which can fully improve engine performance, reduce engine failure rate, and help extend engine service life. The following is an introduction by the technical staff of Water mini excavator:

Keep the air filter of a small excavator clean

Too many air filters will hinder the entry of fresh air, thereby affecting the mixing ratio of air and diesel. According to this test, about 1 gram of diesel is completely burned, and about 15 grams of air are needed. If the intake air is insufficient, the mixture combustion is not complete, the diesel is wasted, the engine power is insufficient, and most of the HC and CO components in the exhaust are polluted.

The air inevitably contains dust and other impurities, the content of which varies with the local soil, climate and road conditions. According to tests, when driving on dusty dirt roads, the air filter can filter out 0.4 to 1.8 grams of dust per cubic meter of air. In terms of chemical composition, most of these dusts are silica. When they enter the friction surface, they will pierce the lubricant film, aggravate the wear of the engine cylinder, and shorten the service life of the engine.

Small excavators use paper air filters. The paper filter has high filtration efficiency, and the dust transmission rate is only 0.1% ~ 0.3%. The use of paper air filters reduces the wear of cylinders and pistons and prolongs the life of the engine. Please pay attention to the following points when using and maintaining:

(1) Grasp the characteristics and cleaning methods of paper filters. The filter element adopts microporous filter paper with surface treatment. When the engine is running, the air filters dust through the micropores to ensure that clean air enters the cylinder. When in use, a layer of dust will adhere around the filter element. When cleaning, do not use water or oil to prevent oil from entering the filter element. There are two common cleaning methods: 1 Knock method: Take the filter element out of the housing, gently tap the end of the filter paper to make the dust fall off, and do not knock the outer surface of the filter element to avoid damage. Filter element. 2 Blowing method, that is, blowing compressed air through the air inside the filter element to blow off dust. To prevent damage to the filter paper, the compressed air pressure should not exceed 0.2 to 0.3 MPa.

(2) Regularly clean and replace the filter of the small excavator

When in use, the air filter element should be cleaned regularly in accordance with the car maintenance regulations to avoid excessive dust adhesion on the filter element, increase air intake resistance, reduce engine power, and increase fuel consumption. If the filter element is damaged, it should be replaced in time.

(3) Install correctly to prevent unfiltered air from entering the cylinder

When checking the air filter, the gasket on the filter element must be installed firmly. If the gasket is damaged or damaged, replace it with a new one.

(4) When replacing the new filter element, the filter element provided by the original manufacturer should be used, and the inferior quality filter element should not be used.

Generally, high-quality and low-quality filter elements can be distinguished from the packaging and appearance, or they can be inspected after installation. If a new filter element is installed and the CO emission exceeds the standard, the CO emission standard when the filter element is not installed indicates that the filter element has poor air permeability and is an unqualified filter element.

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