Analysis of small excavators in the future market industry

Analysis of small excavators in the future market industry

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We analyzed the market sales of small excavators in the past year from the price list of small excavators.

Analysis of small excavators in the future market industry

"The market for medium-sized excavators is almost saturated. However, due to changes in engineering types, there is a market for small excavators. Recently, at the International Construction Machinery Exhibition, Li Xiangzu, general manager of Beijing Hyundai Jingcheng Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., said.

According to Li Xiangzu, from the implementation of China’s macro-control to September this year, the demand for the entire excavator market has dropped by 13%, but the demand for Beijing Hyundai’s product market has increased by 47%, thanks to Beijing Hyundai’s small and large positioning mining The development direction of the machine enables Beijing Hyundai to avoid the fierce competition in the medium-sized excavator market. He believes that medium-sized excavators still dominate the market this year, but the demand for small and large-sized excavators will gradually increase next year. However, some manufacturers believe that the current decline in the mid-size excavator market is just a transitional period. Estimated to be about two years. They believe that the opportunities for the development of the western region and the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" will still provide enterprises with a broad market.

How to keep a small excavator idle in winter, look at these suggestions!

People will get moldy if they are idle for a long time, not to mention small excavators. If the mini excavator is not used in winter and does not need to be repaired, your mini excavator is basically useless. So how do you maintain the idle small excavator this winter? Let's take a look.

1. Clean the dirt on the surface of the small excavator to see if there are loose fasteners.

2. Check whether the antifreeze level and organic oil level of the small excavator are normal, whether the oil quality of the organic oil changes, and the antifreeze position of the fuel.

3. If you plan to store the small excavator for a long time, please clean the engine coolant before the coldest weather. To prevent the battery from entering the paper, be sure to remove the battery and store it in a warm place.

4. Don't put the small excavator on hold. Start the engine every time. If the antifreeze liquid level and the organic liquid level are found to be lower than the normal level, they must be added to the normal state and the engine is started.

5. The diesel fuel needs to be replaced. The general replacement range is -10 to -30 models. Depending on the region, the northern region needs to increase diesel consumption. There will be more diesel engines in the north. Don't forget to replace the diesel filter. The oil must be changed. Oil filter is available. Of course, the oil leakage should be replaced in time.

It is prone to problems in winter. This is the hose of the cooling system. Check the hose for aging and damage. If you have any questions, please remember to replace it in time.

Through the price list of small excavators, it is not difficult to see that the development of small excavators is still a major advantage of the machinery industry.

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