What is the main job of the excavator, whether to choose large digging or small digging, and what ar

What is the main job of the excavator, whether to choose large digging or small digging, and what ar

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Answer one:

Because the excavator has the characteristics of high power of the 2113, flexible and convenient operation, and high construction efficiency of the 5261, the construction of the 4102 and the mining of the 1653 are inseparable from the excavator. Excavators have become the main construction equipment. Domestic small excavator price: 1.3T 6-70 thousand yuan, 1.5T 70-80 thousand yuan, 2.0-22T 100-150 thousand yuan, 3.5T 160-180 thousand yuan, 4.0-5.0T 23-28 thousand yuan, 30 Ten thousand yuan to increase the large excavator even higher. The mainstream domestic excavator brands include Liugong, Sany, Zoomlion, Zhanyang, Yuchai, Heshan Intelligent, Xiagong, Fuwa, Zhongshan, etc. Imported excavators include Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States, with prices ranging from 500,000 to several million.

What is the main job of the excavator, whether to choose large digging or small digging, and what are the prices?

Investigate the market well, seize the opportunity to make money, make small money or not make money; make big and strong money. Buy an excavator based on your financial strength, and find a job based on your coordination, communication, and contact abilities. Of course, a certain settlement ability is also required.

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Answer 2:

The excavator digs 2113 naturally. Generally, there will be 5261 stages of foundation earth excavation in the early stage of the construction site, and very few 4102 in the middle and late stages. There are two settlement methods for excavation 1653: (1) Settlement based on the amount of earthwork, and prices vary greatly from place to place. If the self-supplied fuel is 10-14 yuan/m3, the fuel provided by Party A will be much lower. This method is suitable for large-scale earth excavation. The price is also related to the difficulty of excavation. Digging is difficult, the price is higher, otherwise it is lower. Fleet settlement is generally the settlement of a fleet with a small excavation volume, which is related to the power of your excavator, and the price varies greatly. The reference price is 220, the excavator comes with fuel for 8 hours, and it costs more than 2,000 yuan per fleet.

Large excavators are generally used for large earth excavation sites, such as water conservancy, mines, high-grade highways, large building deep foundation pits, etc., small excavators are generally used for small building foundation pits, municipal construction sites, small roads, etc. The smallest can be used in places such as electricity and thermal ditch.

The excavator wants to make money mainly depending on how much work you can get. There are two ways: relying on the earthmoving company, relying on the company to work, you simply rely on the workload to make some hard money, the price is lower, and the source of life is reliable; if you find a job in the market, the price will be higher and there is no fixed source of life. As for buying a large excavator or a small excavator, it depends on your capital and target market. The large ones may be several million, and the small ones may be tens of thousands.

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