What should I do when the subminiature excavator rolls over?

What should I do when the subminiature excavator rolls over?

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1. Blindness

The cab of the ultra-small excavator is located on the left side, and the passive arm in the middle blocks the line of sight, so there is a big blind spot on the right side, especially behind the right side. Many excavator accidents are caused by people who are injured or killed by the right side of the tail! Therefore, when the ultra-small excavator is working in a place that is not too wide, try to leave more space on the right side.

What should I do when the subminiature excavator rolls over?

The rearview mirror is a very fragile thing on the mini excavator. It often breaks down during work or transportation. Many drivers will feel the touch. If it does not matter, it will not be replaced with a new rearview mirror. In fact, the rearview mirror on the mini excavator is very important, especially on the right side. Accidents are usually caused by lack of safety awareness!

2. Riding on the ditch to work

When the subminiature excavator is digging a trench, if the construction worker tells you that the front height is wrong, let you ride on the trench and continue digging, you must not listen to him. Regardless of the geological conditions, it can only drive back half the track at most, which is unsafe and dangerous to collapse. Maybe the builder will tell you that it's okay. Go ahead. Don't listen to him, because he is more concerned about the gutter than your safety. A qualified driver should have his own independent thinking and safety awareness, which is the basic professional ethics. So when digging a trench, it must be in place once, and do not go back and dig again. If you are not sure, ask the builder to check a few points. If he points out something, you dig slowly, get out of the car and walk to the bottom of the ditch to look at the slope. If you must dig it back for a long time, you must backfill the ditch first, which is troublesome but safe!

Introduction to the use of ultra-small excavators

1. Correct walking operation

2. Correct crushing operation

First, place the hammer head vertically on the object to be broken. When the crushing operation starts, the precursor rises about 5 cm. When crushing, always press the crushing head on the crushed material. If the material to be crushed has been broken, immediately stop the crushing operation. During the crushing process, the direction of the hammer will gradually change due to vibration, so the bucket cylinder should be adjusted at any time to make the direction of the hammer perpendicular to the surface of the object to be crushed. When the hammer does not touch the crushed material, the crushing position should be changed; do not stay in the next place for more than one minute, otherwise the hammer will be damaged and the oil temperature will rise abnormally; for hard objects, it should be broken gradually from the edge。

3. Noteworthy operations

The bulldozing operation with rotating action will produce abnormal force on the bucket and working device, resulting in the deformation or cracking of the weld, and even the pin fracture. This kind of operation should be avoided as much as possible. Excavation of the weight of the car body will cause the slewing ring to be in a normal state of stress, and at the same time it will produce strong vibration and impact on the chassis, so the application of hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic pipelines will cause greater damage. When loading and unloading heavy objects such as rocks, the materials should be unloaded near the bottom of the carriage, or loaded with soil first, and then rocks. It is forbidden to unload cargo at high altitude to reduce injuries caused by crashes. When the crawler goes deep into the soil, place a piece of wood under the bucket, use the bottom of the bucket to support the crawler, and then place the wooden board under the crawler to drive the machine.

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