How to quickly install the mini excavator track? What causes the track derailment

How to quickly install the mini excavator track? What causes the track derailment

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Many people now buy their own mini excavator operations, but relatively novices may encounter some mini excavator failure problems, do not know how to quickly deal with, such as track derailment, do not know how to install and so on. Let me talk about this knowledge for everyone.

How to quickly install the mini excavator track?

When the track of the excavator is derailed, you need a fulcrum to install it quickly. This fulcrum is actually the bucket of the excavator. You can use the bucket to hold the excavator a little bit, and then use the tacit cooperation between the bucket fulcrum and the excavator according to the actual situation of the derailment of the crawler. Put it back.


So what caused the excavator track to derail? The main reasons may be the following:

1,The quality of parts processing of excavator itself is not enough. When the main walking parts are working, they are often overloaded, and the pressure is relatively large. After a long time of use, they will wear out.

2,The tensioning cylinder is malfunctioning, or the track is too loose.

3, The gap between the guide wheel, the bracket and the friction reducing plate is not adjusted properly.

4,The excavator walks on uneven stone ground for a long time, resulting in uneven stress on the crawler, the crawler pin is broken, or the chain is worn seriously or simply broken.

5,There are foreign objects in front of the guide wheel and the crawler frame, the walking operation is inappropriate, and the stress on the crawler is uneven, resulting in the situation that the crawler is pulled off.

The above is the reason why the track derailment of small excavators may occur. Everyone pays attention to avoiding the above situations as much as possible in the process of operating the excavator, so as to better avoid the problem of the track falling off. Of course, if the crawler is really worn or broken and cannot be repaired, you can also contact our customer service to buy a new excavator crawler accessory.

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