Walking device of crawler-type ultra-small excavator

Walking device of crawler-type ultra-small excavator

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The walking device of the ultra-small excavator is the supporting part of the whole machine. It has the mechanical weight and reaction force of the excavation work device, so that the excavation can be stably supported on the ground. At the same time, the ultra-small excavator (wheel walking device) can be transported to and transferred to the work site. Therefore, the following requirements should be met when designing the walking device of an ultra-small excavator

Walking device of crawler-type ultra-small excavator

1. The single-bucket hydraulic excavator should have greater traction, so that the ultra-small excavator has good off-road performance when walking on wet soft ground or uneven ground, and strong climbing and turning capabilities.

2. Under the premise of not increasing the total height of the walking device, the walking device should have a larger gap with the ground, so that the ultra-small excavator can walk on uneven ground and have good traffic performance.

3. Reduce the specific ground pressure of the excavator or have a larger bearing area to improve the stability of the excavator;

4. When the ultra-small excavator descends from the slope, there is no overspeed tilting phenomenon, and there is no tilting phenomenon during the excavation process, and the work is safe and reliable.

5. The size of the walking device of the ultra-small excavator should meet the requirements of road transportation.

Subminiature excavator: troubleshooting for abnormal crawler wear

1. The chain rail is severely worn, the chain rail pin has been worn, and the bracket is seriously worn.

2. Abnormal crawler wear. Check whether the walking system is normal.

3. 1. The excavator starts to warm up, and the water temperature and oil temperature are normal; the track is tightened and the sag is less than or equal to 20 mm from the tensioning position; the inspection result is normal.

4. In the straight-line walking test, the deviation of the distance measured by the excavator in a straight line of 50 meters is not more than 3.5 meters; the result is no deviation in walking and the walking speed is normal.

5. By measuring whether the rails on both sides of the frame are parallel, the results show that the rails on both sides of the frame are not seriously non-parallel.

6. Measure the distance between the monorail and the upper and lower teeth of the driving wheel, the result is normal.

7. Check whether the loading wheel is misaligned. Check whether the support wheels are on the same straight line, the result is normal.

8. When the guide wheel is tested, the guide wheel wears normally, the guard plates on both sides under the guide wheel are worn, and the left and right gap between the guide wheel and the frame guide wheel is too large. Check the supports, check the gap between the supports, the lateral gap of the supports is small, and the supports are seriously worn.

9. The method to confirm the worn parts is to spray self-painting with obvious color on the worn parts, and then operate the excavator to walk and check the worn parts. The ultra-small excavator is very slow


When the excavator was working recently, I always felt that the speed of the excavator was not as fast as before. Where is the problem?

: Reasons for low speed failure of excavator

1. The engine speed is not fast enough.

2. The flow (pressure) of the hydraulic pump is insufficient.

Excavator: Low-speed failure test method

1. Check whether the fuel filter is blocked or damaged.

2. Check whether the fuel line is short-circuited or blocked.

3. Check if the air filter is blocked.

4. Check whether the pressure, flow and data of the hydraulic system match.

Question: How slow is the excavator? Reply:

1. Check if the triangle is loose.

2. Check whether the oil intake is correct.

3. Test the compatibility of the pressure, flow and data of the hydraulic system.

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