Mini excavator must keep the filter element clean

Mini excavator must keep the filter element clean

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Why do mini excavators need to keep the filter element clean?

Mini excavator must keep the filter element clean

1. Keep the diesel filter clean

Modern automobile diesel filters use paper filters with hard and closed shells, which are consumables.

After the filter is clogged, the resistance of the filter element increases, and the diesel flow is not smooth, resulting in an increase in the oil level in the filter.

After the filter element is blocked, the fuel supply is insufficient, the engine power is reduced, the mechanical driving force is weak, and the movement is reduced. When installing the diesel filter, please pay attention to distinguish the inlet and outlet.

2. Keep the oil filter clean

In use, engine oil is often contaminated by metal debris, dust, and carbon deposits in the air. The heavy oil impurities are deposited on the bottom of the oil pan and slightly enter the friction surface with the lubricant, causing early wear of machine parts. The function of the oil filter is to filter dirt through the filter. After the filter is used for a period of time, a lot of dirt will adhere to the filter element, so the filter should be replaced regularly. Under normal circumstances, the oil filter and the oil should be replaced at the same time. This will help extend the life of the engine.

Pay attention to small misunderstandings that are prone to repairing mini excavators in winter.

Misunderstanding 1: The cooling water is too early or not released

Result: cracks appear when the engine block bursts or shrinks

Idling before turning off. The cooling water temperature drops below 60C, the water is not hot, and then the flame is released. If the cooling water is put too early, the body of the excavator will be suddenly contracted by the cold air when the temperature is high. Cracks appear. When the water is released, the remaining water in the body should be completely discharged to prevent the ice from expanding and causing the body to burst.

Misunderstanding 2: Improper use of fuel: reduce engine life and increase the possibility of damage.

The low temperature in winter makes the fluidity of diesel oil worse, the viscosity increases, and it is difficult to spray, resulting in poor atomization and deterioration of combustion, resulting in a decline in the economic performance of diesel engines and excavators. Therefore, the freezing point should be lower and the fire resistance in winter should be better. The freezing point of diesel engines should generally be 7-10 below the local temperature.

Misunderstanding 3: Start with an open flame

Consequences: In the worst case, the excavator will be burned and the engine will be damaged

The air filter cannot be removed, the cotton yarn is ignited with diesel oil, and the ignition material is put into the intake pipe to start burning. In this way, the dusty air outside will be directly sucked into the cylinder without being filtered. It will cause abnormal wear of the piston and cylinder, seriously affect the rough machining of the diesel engine, and damage the machine.

This is the role of the mini excavator to keep the filter element clean. Hope it helps you.

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