Why is the ultra-small excavator slow when starting

Why is the ultra-small excavator slow when starting

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Today we mainly explain the reasons for the slow start of the ultra-small excavator and the failure of walking.

Why is the ultra-small excavator slow when starting

1. Engine oil. In an environment where the temperature exceeds minus 10 degrees Celsius, I recommend replacing 10w-30 oil, because 30 oil will be thinner but not too thick, which can increase the cold start speed of the engine and make the engine start smoothly. Some people may be worried here: If the oil is thin, will it affect the life of the engine or will it damage the engine? No, absolutely not. The oil pressure has nothing to do with the oil viscosity. Many people mistakenly think that the oil is thicker, the oil pressure is good, the engine is good, the oil is low, and the oil pressure is low. It may damage the engine. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. As long as it is real oil, there is no pressure from organic oil. This is related to the viscosity of the oil. Motor oil is like human blood. important! Therefore, it is recommended that you use seasonal engine oil in different seasons to protect and extend the service life of the engine.

2. Before winter comes, the starter must be maintained, and the cover plate, carbon brushes and some worn items must be replaced. The rotor is clean, because the weather is cold, the oil will be thicker when it cools down, and the startup workload of this machine is much larger than in the warm season. It may be normal to use, but not in winter. Take care of it, spend a little money, make sure the starter gets the maximum power, and help you start using it!

3. The battery (ie, battery) voltage is insufficient, and the energy of the battery will not completely evaporate in the cold winter weather, so every winter is the best time to sell the battery. Of course, if qualified drivers may want to find a thick quilt to wrap the battery or make a simple insulation measure. Although it may not work, it can at least extend battery life. If it is not too much trouble, you can take out the battery.

4. The safety pressure of the main safety valve is very low

The main relief valve limits the maximum pressure of the entire hydraulic system to 32.5 MPa. For high pressures higher than this value, the main relief valve will open to release the pressure to protect the system from damage. If the small hole on the main safety valve spool is blocked due to poor oil quality, the spool is in a normally open state, or the safety pressure of the main safety valve is set very low, and the actual safety pressure is very low, that is, the system pressure is very low. low.

5. Unloading valve failure

When the driver starts the engine and puts the joystick in neutral, the hydraulic oil output by the main pump returns directly to the tank through the unloading valve, and the unloading pressure is 3 MPa. If the oil is too dirty, the unloading valve slide valve will not close. When the machine is running, the output oil of the main pump will pass through the unloading valve and the oil tank, so that the system cannot build high pressure. Similarly, if the unloading valve is used to block the O-ring and tank of pressure oil, the main pump hydraulic oil will flow directly back to the tank.

Now I have analyzed the walking obstacles and starting difficulties of the small excavator, and I hope it will help you.

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