Reasons and solutions for the slow action of small excavators

Reasons and solutions for the slow action of small excavators

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Today, we will analyze the reasons and solutions for the slow operation of small excavators.

Reasons and solutions for the slow action of small excavators

The failure performance of the small excavating boom in slow motion:

When the small excavator is working, the boom is very slow, and other movements are normal. Excessive one-way travel of small excavators is a common cause of failure;

1. The single-sided pump has a small displacement or is damaged.

2. The rotary joint is leaking.

3. The pilot pressure on this side is insufficient, the bottom valve is worn or the oil return is not smooth.

4. The main control valve is leaking or stuck.

5. The suction valve is malfunctioning, and the two switch connectors under the bottom valve are reversed。

Analysis of the weaknesses of small excavators walking on one side:

1. First of all, what is the temperature of the hydraulic oil? The small excavator is weak, but everything else is normal? It is recommended to check whether the plunger of the stroke motor of the small excavator is worn. Check whether the travel motor balance valve is activated? Also check whether the walking motor of the small excavator has abnormal noise.

2. If it is detected that the hydraulic oil temperature is high, the one-sided stroke of the small excavator may be due to excessive internal leakage or the main valve passing through the spool, resulting in weak walking force.

3. Disassemble the drain pipe of the motor to see if the amount of oil discharged on both sides is the same. If not, many oils have problems.

4. What is the pump pressure before and after the small excavator? What is the pressure when the engine is loaded?

Common causes of slow failure of small excavating booms;

1. The oil circuit of the small excavator is blocked.

2. Oil leakage, seal failure, defective parts, loose pipe joints, deterioration of sealing ring, etc.

3. The small excavating motor arm slide valve and oil cylinder leak, causing the small excavating motor arm to move slowly and weakly.

4. The inner cylinder of the boom cylinder is leaking oil.

5. There is a problem with the boom slide valve.

Inspection and maintenance of slow motion failure of small excavating arm:

1. First of all, we must know whether the motor arm of the small excavator becomes slower and weaker due to the blockage of the oil circuit of the small excavator. The main body, valve stem and related parts of the small excavating arm can be removed and cleaned. After cleaning the oil circuit of the small excavator, dry it and assemble it. Is there anything wrong with the arm of the small excavator? If it does not exist, the fault is caused by the blockage of the oil pipe of the small excavator.

2. In order to check the oil leakage of the small excavator, it is necessary to check whether the oil temperature of the small excavator is high, whether the oil pipe joints are loose, whether the oil is contaminated or contaminated, and whether there is a poor assembly.

3. The leakage of the boom slide valve and the oil cylinder causes the small excavating motor arm to move slowly and weakly, and some auxiliary methods need to be checked.

4. When checking the boom cylinder, you can remove the rodless tube of the small excavator and continue to flush the boom cylinder. If the working oil leaks, the hydraulic cylinder of the small excavator will leak internally.

This is the reason why the small excavator is slow and weak in unilateral walking. Hope it helps you.

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