The resistance encountered by the ultra-small excavator during driving and the test function of the

The resistance encountered by the ultra-small excavator during driving and the test function of the

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How to judge the resistance encountered by the mini excavator during driving?

The resistance encountered by the ultra-small excavator during driving and the test function of the filter element

The main reason for the increase in suction resistance during operation is the pollution of the inlet filter, cyclone filter and air filter. The cyclone filter and the intake filter are easy to clean and timely clean, but the air filter is not easy to choose because it cannot be obtained directly from the engine manufacturer. Other dealers are not able to determine whether the air filter purchased meets the engine's requirements. If the engine directly reduces the engine life and does not directly meet the requirements that affect the reliability of the engine, then you must understand the paper filter by understanding the functions and parameters related to the engine and the air filter. You need to know the filter accuracy of the paper. It is very important to understand the filtration accuracy and suction resistance requirements of the air filter. The 5um accuracy of the domestic diesel engine intake filter requires an 80m fine filter. The accuracy of the air filter is generally less than 30 m paper feeding accuracy. The air inlet of the 2 m fine filter is less than 20M, so the selected air filter must be the same as the original engine Match the output, economy and reliability of the filter paper, and the filter paper should have thickness, tensile strength, original suction resistance, filtration accuracy, etc.

Specific analysis of the filtering function of the mini excavator:

The function test of the filter element has the following four aspects:

1. Flow resistance test to measure the pressure loss of air activity.

2. In the original filter power experiment, the dust collection capacity of the filter can be calculated. The dust removal rate of the traditional filter element should reach 99% or more.

3. Dust accumulation and additional dust accumulation in the output filter element will cause blockage and increase the air intake resistance. The limit required to clean or replace the filter is to reduce engine output to 5% or reduce fuel consumption to 5%.

4. In the initial suction resistance test, the increased intake air volume must not exceed 3.2 kPa, otherwise the filter cartridge (air intake port, additional filter element is the intake port required by the engine) will not be able to meet. It will pass the air inlet filter and pressure engine requirements. The outlet, together with the direction, cabin inlet temperature and inlet temperature, has connections close to the barrier, away from the barrier, inlet manifold and inlet requirements, as well as as many high-temperature components or connections as possible, but also prevents high-temperature gas from entering the cabin entrance compartment and smoothly exiting Hot air, so the cabin temperature can be kept as low as possible. In addition to the engine itself, the normal operation of the engine is also guaranteed. The ability to ensure production quality is the power source of hydraulic excavators. It protects the engine during scientific and reasonable maintenance.

The resistance judgment of the mini excavator is only the above inspection. Hope it helps you.

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