How to distinguish the models of subminiature excavators

How to distinguish the models of subminiature excavators

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There are currently more than 100 factories producing ultra-small excavators on the market. If you can name the brand, according to my personal statistics, there are 34 brands. But how do you choose your favorite brand? Each brand has its own production philosophy and target customer group. The brand also represents the user's taste, cultivation and style. The most direct way to see the excavator user is to see the excavator brand he uses;

How to distinguish the models of subminiature excavators

Many users do not consider the brand when purchasing a machine, but only consider the price; for example, Japanese brands, European and American brands, Korean brands, domestic brands, what is the value of the brand? These users generally don't think about it; just like the cars we drive, the brands of BMW and Ferrari are very different, let alone construction machinery? So when buying a machine, you cannot compare two brands with a big gap.

Two, performance comparison

mini excavators are classified as agricultural machinery, not all construction machinery; therefore, all engines of ultra-compact excavators are mainly based on Kubota and Yanmar (or representative processing), because these two companies are mainly located in Japan and even the world. It is agricultural machinery and equipment; if buyers see these two engines, don’t make a fuss, or even start to doubt the strength of the excavator factory;

The fuel consumption of small excavators is basically 4.5-6L/h, and there is little difference between brands, so fuel consumption should not be too tangled. If a brand’s salesperson tells you that compared with other brands, their engines can save more than 20% of fuel, then this kind of sales is purely unreliable; especially for small engines that save 5% of fuel, the whole plant is innovative Comprehensive breakthrough

3. Economic status

This is a necessary condition for the purchase of new machines, because buyers of ultra-small excavators vary greatly from North to South; for example, the North will gradually understand the cost of each item, and the South will focus on packaging prices; pros and cons. Many businesses will directly mention the owner and pay you in installments of two or three years;

For users who really want to benefit, they must know the bare metal price, insurance premium, GPS fee, interest rate (annual interest rate or monthly interest rate), etc. The cost of each item is clear, so after determining whether the so-called packaging price is really appropriate, it is necessary to compare whether several brands have actually obtained greater discounts.

Fourth, parameter comparison

Many users did not consider the data of past equipment operating parameters when purchasing small-scale mining, but these data are often deceptive. Such as excavator height, digging depth, loading height, etc. Waiting for these working parameters and the size of the fuel tank, this parameter directly determines the technology, production process, design concept and material cost of the entire company. The appearance of the product, the tangible and intangible costs are not as simple as imagined.

Ultra-small excavators are very detailed in model, such as 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, etc. This leaves buyers unable to distinguish. The more this is the case, the more you have to consider the working conditions, the driver’s loyalty and care, and how to deal with the working conditions of special operations; if you are more careful, you should consider this machine. Market holding type, maintainability, and sales recognition. V. Cab comfort

An ultra-small excavator is a very demanding job. Unlike a large excavator, it can maintain mechanical movement; an ultra-small excavator has high requirements for the entire technical operation in terms of greening, municipal administration, and crushing. And this requirement is exactly what the driver cherishes. The driver must consider the details of the entire cab, the comfort of the seat, the flexibility of the operating handle, etc.;

Now that the problem of the mini excavator model has been explained clearly, are there any other questions to ask?

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