How to repair the hydraulic pump of a small excavator

How to repair the hydraulic pump of a small excavator

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How to repair the hydraulic pump system of small excavator?

How to repair the hydraulic pump of a small excavator

Technical activities to restore its functions, including various planned maintenance and unplanned failure maintenance. The slewing bearing of the small excavator is worn, the connecting bolts are loose or there are impurities in the bearing (impurities in the bearing may be worn by the rolling elements and raceways), the friction parts between the rotating parts of the excavator and other parts are abnormal, and the hydraulic circuit of the excavator is abnormal. There is no butter on the ring gear of the rotating motor of the small excavator.

The connecting rod and sleeve of the small excavator are abnormally worn, the oil cylinder seal fails, the air in the bucket cylinder is insufficient, and the hydraulic oil is insufficient. Repair of small excavators refers to the technical activities of restoring equipment functions after the technical condition of the equipment deteriorates or breaks down, including planned maintenance and unplanned failure repairs.

1. Engine crankshaft abnormal noise, engine vibration: excessive crankshaft clearance causes abnormal axial noise. Re-select the bearing replacement to eliminate abnormal noise.

2. Abnormal noise of the main bearing and engine vibration: the main shaft neck and the bearing are loosely matched, the main bearing is poorly lubricated, burned, the crankshaft is bent or the axial clearance is large.

3. Abnormal engine idling noise, low and medium speed buzzing sound: poor lubrication or improper bearing fit, poor bearing quality or loose installation clearance, too tight can not deform the bearing parts and cause the alloy to fall off, the connecting rod journal is not round, and the bearing is in poor contact .

4. Abnormal sound of the timing gear of the excavator: the timing gear is worn or improperly assembled, the meshing gap is too large or too small, the crankshaft and the camshaft center line are not parallel, the camshaft timing gear is loose or poorly lubricated, the camshaft timing gear The number of teeth can be gear fracture or radial fracture.

5. The engine idling sound is loud, the camshaft is abnormal: the camshaft axial clearance is too large or the camshaft is loose.

6. Abnormal sound of engine valve foot: part of the valve drive mechanism is worn or improperly adjusted, the valve gap is too large, and the valve drive mechanism lacks lubrication.

7: Engine buzzing and abnormal sound of hydraulic tappet: engine oil level is too high or too low, hydraulic tappet lacks lubricating oil, hydraulic tappet fails.

8: During use, attention should be paid to the correct operation and protection of the loader. Add or replace hydraulic oil regularly to keep the hydraulic oil clean and strengthen daily observation and protection. The small excavator works abnormally; the excavator rotates abnormally; the excavator insists on the abnormal noise of the cylinder; the excavator engine abnormal noise; the excavator root shaft is abnormally worn, the parts of the excavator are poorly lubricated, the gap between the crankshaft connecting rod and the valve mechanism exists, the excavator The oil return back pressure valve is stuck on the excavator. Repair refers to the deterioration of the technical condition or equipment failure.

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