Precautions when leveling with an excavator

Precautions when leveling with an excavator

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Leveling with an excavator is not difficult, but it is also not easy.

It is easier and more efficient to tap opportunities. Then level the ground with an excavator and master the following methods and experience.

Precautions when leveling with an excavator

Action points:

1. On the ground to be leveled, first check the height of the two ends of the ground, then find the elevation point from the ground height, place the lower end on the horizontal line, and then excavate the soil and fill the high point. In low-lying areas, visual level.

2. The excavator falls on the boom and opens at an angle of about 45 degrees with the boom; open the bucket so that the mouth and the arm are basically level; the bucket falls on the arm, raise the big arm to pull the soil back; the machine rotates to stabilize the shovel The bucket water level in the bucket.

Thirdly, the final visual aiming is to coordinate the operation of the boom, stick and bucket according to the specific terrain to complete the leveling work.

Points and precautions of excavator leveling operation


First, the machine must be laid flat.

The excavator station is uneven and unbalanced.

Second, the eyes must be flexible

Watching through the glass for a long time is prone to illusion and fatigue. Therefore, if you look at the flat ground from various angles from time to time, you will find that the angle is different, and it gives you different feelings.

Third, choose surrounding references

Such as flat areas, the color of the soil layer, etc.

Fourth, there is an angle, and the barrel remains fixed.

The height is measured by the slope of the bucket and foundation. When the excavator is level, it approaches the level ground and rotates 180 degrees.

Fifth. Trust the instrument, don't trust the eyes too much.

After long-term work, I feel that there will be some deviations. At this time, I must fully believe in the accuracy of the instrument.

Sixth, come back often and look at the flat ground from another angle.

After digging a piece, it feels almost done. I will retreat to a parking space as much as possible, and then look at the plane in front to make it easier to see the height. This is a practical exploration of it, especially suitable for working conditions with dark soil.

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