Ultra-small excavators still rely on strength to operate

Ultra-small excavators still rely on strength to operate

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Many people think that ultra-small excavators are just small and beautiful, but they may not be useful in many projects. In fact, the ultra-small excavator is not only good-looking, but also practical.

Ultra-small excavators still rely on strength to operate

The mini excavator is compact and beautiful, with exquisite design. Compared with large excavators, the gap is naturally exposed. Our mini excavator is more than just a vase. High face value also has power. We can look at the value of mini excavators. What are the skills of subminiature excavators?

1. The ultra-small excavator uses well-known engines with mature and reliable performance, strong power, high product costs and low fuel consumption. Strong and reliable power ensures the good performance and service life of the whole machine.

2. The instrument and operating handle of the ultra-small excavator are ergonomically designed, which is not only clear at a glance, but also reduces operator fatigue. The ultra-low noise cab combines super air-conditioning and air-conditioning, allowing operators to work efficiently in a quiet and comfortable space.

3. The failure of the ultra-small excavator is a headache, so it is easy to repair. The functional parts of the whole machine are arranged in a centralized manner, which is convenient for maintenance and repair. Open the hood, touch the engine quickly, and check the coolant, dipstick and air filter. Open the frame cover for quick access to the transaxle and gearbox for easy maintenance. The value of value and strength is our mini excavator. Buying a property is not only worth buying, but also with excellent performance.

Introduction and characteristics of ultra-small excavators;

The full-power three-pump compound control system of the ultra-small excavator has a compact structure, flexible operation and convenient maintenance. The ideal working machine in the narrow space of construction such as agriculture, forestry, water conservancy, engineering construction, etc., is to replace labor and liberate future labor. Ideal equipment.

The three-pump and three-pump compound oil supply makes the boom, rocker and rotation form an independent hydraulic system to achieve fast and stable operation. Using walking device, the performance is more stable and the quality is more reliable. The main valve adopts imported HUSCO (Hersk), which has excellent performance and operating performance. It can be solved by installing circuit breakers with damaged pipes and control devices. Eaton (Eaton) rotating motor is adopted, with reliable quality, large displacement, large torque and strong adaptability to working conditions.

The integrated dashboard displays parameters such as water temperature, oil pressure and running time. Special armrest box, the left box can be raised and lowered, the swing angle is small, the humanized design is beautiful, and it is convenient to move up and down.

The unique boom side shift function of the ultra-small excavator can adapt to various structures with narrow boundaries (wall roots, pipes, interiors, etc.). )!

The use of ultra-small excavators:

Orchard: digging and fertilizing ditches, planting trees, weeding, cultivating soil, opening up wasteland, etc.

Trenching: digging cable trenches, tap water or sewage pipes, gas pipes, etc.

Landscaping: planting trees, digging trenches, etc.

Contracting mountain areas: planting trees, repairing terraces, digging trenches, repairing roads, weeding, and reclamation;

Indoor: indoor demolition, basement backfilling; fracture: broken road and ground concrete, gravel on the mountain, etc.

Mines: tunnels and cave dwellings, various mines and shafts;

The above shows the advantages of small excavators and their applications in various fields. If you want to know more, you can visit our website.

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