How to choose ultra-small excavators for operation in the orchard

How to choose ultra-small excavators for operation in the orchard

2020-10-11 10:25:14  edit:xiaoli

Now orchards can also use ultra-small excavators, many people are not clear. The following small series will explain.

How to choose ultra-small excavators for operation in the orchard

It is recommended to choose a small excavator for orchard according to the needs of the orchard. Dimensions can be defined according to their own characteristics.

1. The walking width refers to the gap between the fruit trees on both sides, without delaying normal driving.

2. Excavation depth, fertilization and pollution, orchard is sufficient, generally up to 1.5 meters.

3. Continuus working time, according to your own situation, the working intensity is equal to selecting several diesel engine cylinders. Working for a long time, the load is too heavy, causing the machine to stop working.

4. The width of the trench is mainly reflected in the bucket, which can be customized.

5. The weight of the boom needs to increase the weight of the excavator.

For the orchard, in view of the above situation, there may be a clear idea to define your own excavator. Usually can provide 0.8 to 1.5 tons of ultra-small excavators.

The general price ranges from 30,000 to 90,000, depending on the scale and investment of the orchard! The excavator is very suitable for use in the orchard. It is small in size, heavy in weight, convenient to transport and affordable. The most important thing is to buy a mini excavator that is easy to use and save money. This is very useful.

Can the ultra-small excavator only dig?

The fact is. Dozens of modified styles, excavator transformers.

When the ultra-small excavator rotates and drills, the boom can be directly drilled into the structure. Compared with large rotary drilling rigs, it is convenient to transport, install, and approach construction; it adapts to more complicated construction conditions. And the customer's return on investment is higher.

The auger has high drilling efficiency, no flushing, and simple equipment. The auger has a long spiral and a short spiral. The short auger uses a small auger for engineering geological survey; the long auger uses a large auger to drill holes in engineering, with a large diameter and a large depth.

The long-arm excavator is a group of parts of the excavator working device, and it is a long-arm designed to extend the effective working range of an ultra-small excavator. The range of the digging bucket has been expanded a lot, reaching a higher, deeper, and farther range.

It is suitable for special occasions such as subway stations, mines, docks, storage, flood control, etc. It is a breakthrough in mining machinery, with high practical value and high return rate.

The oil-electric multifunctional hydraulic grab is a multifunctional special grab device based on excavators.

The amphibious wetland excavator is specially used for digging and dredging swamps, tidal flats, silt ditches, etc. This is something that ships and traditional construction machinery cannot enter and build. It is a kind of excavation, water storage and river embankment. Multi-function working machine with ultra-low pressure ratio.

Ultra-small excavators are widely used in the pile foundation construction of three-dimensional rail transit, subways, buildings, viaducts, etc. It has the advantages of high construction efficiency, advanced technology, stable performance and environmental protection.

The ultra-small excavator has been changed in accordance with the requirements of social development and can now be used in orchards and farmland. I believe that in the near future, the application range of ultra-small excavators will be wider.

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