Analysis of Caterpillar Excavator Products

Analysis of Caterpillar Excavator Products

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1.The small excavator 2113 has a compact design and can be operated on the stone 5261 site, but other machinery cannot operate here. 4102 jibs, rubber crawlers, angle shovel, and 1653 pieces are used in various ways, allowing the machine to walk on multiple construction sites and reduce the impact on undisturbed ground.

Analysis of Caterpillar Excavator Products

2. Features:

Powerful mining capabilities and fast operation cycles allow you to do more and faster.

The quiet and spacious cab is equipped with ergonomic control devices, integrated auxiliary equipment and boom functions, making your work more comfortable and reducing fatigue.

Grab pin connectors and quick splitters help operators quickly replace accessories for small excavators.

Automatic idling, two-speed automatic shifting and load-sensing automatic adjustment pump optimize fuel efficiency.

The compact or standard tail turning radius, combined with turning or fixed pole options, can be applied to almost any workplace. 1. The d series of small hydraulic excavators retain the most valuable functions of the C series and provide many enhanced functions. These new features include a world-class cab, a C4.2 engine with ACERT technology, and improved performance and high versatility lifting capabilities. The design of the D series can reduce the cost per ton, improve the productivity of customers, and provide operators with a more comfortable working environment.

3. Features:

Higher fuel efficiency will result in more work for your fuel costs.

Higher digging force, greater lifting capacity and greater drawbar traction provide industry-leading work performance and generate greater profits.

The stylish full-color LCD in the cab, with a friendly user interface, can fully track maintenance and overall performance.

The unique tool control system can preset parameters and pre-program control pressure and flow for up to 10 hydraulic working tools.

It can provide unparalleled dealer support services for your small excavators (whether it is a chassis system, auxiliary hydraulic system or work tools). 1. Caterpillar D series medium hydraulic excavators are manufactured on the basis of the reputation of C series. While retaining the most valuable functions, it provides many enhanced functions. These features include a world-class new cab, ACERT engine, excellent performance and reliable reliability, improved performance characteristics and optimal versatility. The d series aims to reduce the energy of each work of customers, help them to complete more work before the end of the day, and make their daily work reliable enough.

4. Features:

Caterpillar hydraulic excavators are known for their rotary torque, hydraulic power, controllability, fast cycle time, reliability, low ownership and operating costs, and best productivity (tons/hour).

The unique upper frame slewing bearing design can obtain more surface contact and longer service life, improve stability and reduce the pitch of the machine. In the field of medium-sized hydraulic excavators, Caterpillar is the only manufacturer that provides compact radius, reduced radius and standard radius.

Hydraulic excavators are equipped with product links that enable users to monitor the machine from a remote location by tracking usage time, location, safety, and machine operating status.

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