How to change the slow mode of the big excavator

How to change the slow mode of the big excavator

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1. Operation technology

First, confirm the conditions for 2113 weeks. 5261 When turning, be familiar with surrounding obstacles and the ground 4102, and operate safely; when working, confirm the front and rear direction of the track to avoid tipping or impact; try not to face the final drive in the direction of excavation, otherwise the walking motor or hose will be easily damaged; during operation It is necessary to ensure that the left and right tracks are in full contact with the ground to improve the dynamic stability of the whole machine.

How to change the slow mode of the big excavator

2. Effective mining methods

When the bucket cylinder and the connecting rod, and the stick cylinder and the stick are at 90 degrees, the digging force is the greatest; when the bucket teeth maintain a 30-degree angle with the ground, the digging force is the best, that is, the cutting resistance is the least; when digging with a stick, the angle of the stick It should be in the range of 45 degrees to 30 degrees. Simultaneous use of boom and bucket can improve the efficiency of excavation.

3. Excavate rocks

Excavating rocks with a bucket will cause great damage to the machine and should be avoided as much as possible; when digging is required, the position of the machine body should be adjusted according to the direction of the cracks of the rock, so that the bucket can be shoveled out and excavated smoothly; insert the bucket teeth into the cracks of the rock, Dig with the digging force of the stick and bucket (note the slip of the bucket teeth); unbroken rock should be broken before digging with the bucket.

4. Slope leveling operations

When completing the plane, the machine should be placed flat on the ground to prevent the machine from shaking. It is very important to control the speed of the boom and the bucket arm in order to grasp the coordination of their movements.

5. Loading operation

The fuselage should be in a horizontal and stable position, otherwise it will be difficult to precisely control the rotation and unloading, thereby prolonging the operation cycle time; the fuselage and the truck should be kept at a proper distance to prevent the rear of the fuselage and the truck from colliding with the truck during a 180-degree turn; try to install it on the left side with a wide view ,high working efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to correctly grasp the rotation angle to reduce the rotation time; the truck is located lower than the excavator, which shortens the boom lifting time and has a good line of sight; first install sand and gravel, and then enlarge the stone to reduce the impact on the trunk.

6. Work in soft areas or water

When working in soft soil areas, you should understand the degree of soil looseness and pay attention to limiting the excavation range of the bucket to prevent accidents such as collapse and sinking of the deep car body.

When working in water, pay attention to the allowable water depth range of the car body (the water level should be lower than the center of the sprocket); if the water level is high, the internal lubrication of the slewing ring will be poor, the engine fan blades will be damaged by water, and the circuit components will be short-circuited or short-circuited due to water ingress. damage.

7. Lifting operation

When using hydraulic excavators for hoisting operations, confirm the surrounding conditions of the hoisting site, use high-strength hooks and wire ropes, and try to use special hoisting equipment when hoisting; choose the micro-operation method, and the movements should be slow and balanced; the rope length is appropriate , If the length is too long, the swing range of the suspended object will be large, which is difficult to accurately control; adjust the position of the bucket correctly to prevent the wire rope from slipping. The construction personnel should try not to get close to the lifting object to prevent danger caused by improper operation.

8. Smooth operation method

During operation, the stability of the machine can not only improve work efficiency and extend the service life of the machine, but also ensure safe operation (put the machine on a relatively flat ground); the rear side of the active sprocket has better stability than the front side, which can prevent The final drive is impacted by external force; the wheelbase of the track on the ground is always greater than the track distance, so forward work stability is good, and lateral movement should be avoided as much as possible; keep the excavation point close to the machine to improve stability and the excavator; if the excavation point is away from the machine Farther, because the center of gravity moves forward, the operation will be unstable; lateral excavation is not as stable as forward excavation. If the digging point is far from the center of the fuselage, the machine will be more unstable. Therefore, the excavation point should be kept at a proper distance from the center of the fuselage to make the operation balanced and efficient.

9. Noteworthy operations

The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a buffer device, which can gradually release the back pressure when approaching the end of the stroke; if the piston receives an impact load after reaching the end of the stroke, it will directly hit the cylinder head or bottom, which is likely to cause accidents, so try your best when reaching the end of the stroke Leave a gap.

Rotary bulldozing operations will produce abnormal stress on the bucket and working devices, resulting in deformation, weld cracks and even pin fractures, which should be avoided as much as possible.

Excavation with the weight of the machine body will cause the abnormal stress state of the slewing ring, and produce strong vibration and impact on the chassis, so the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic pipeline will cause great damage.

When loading and unloading heavy objects such as rocks, they should be unloaded near the bottom of the truck compartment, or load soil first, and then rocks. High-altitude unloading is prohibited to reduce impact damage to the truck.

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