How to maintain the boom of a small excavator

How to maintain the boom of a small excavator

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Now let us introduce some small details of the maintenance of the boom of the small excavator;

How to maintain the boom of a small excavator

1. Before operating the arm, check whether the magnification of the pulley block is appropriate. After the magnification is changed, the weight status and function of the brake and pulley block must keep the hook rotation axis perpendicular to the ground.

Second, if the small excavator is inclined or other signs of danger during the lifting of the boom, please hang the hanging object on the ground immediately.

3. The weight of the object that needs to be lifted must not exceed the allowable lifting capacity of the small excavator. When lifting the heavy object, first lift it off the ground 10-500px, and then check the brakes to raise the rigging and leg conditions, we The lifting object should be put down abnormally, and the lifting operation should be carefully checked. The lifting operation should be stable and should not affect the machine.

Fourth, when the weight drops, the weight should be gradually slowed down and stopped. This must be used together with the brake. An emergency stop may damage the boom, horn and winch, or even cause accidents in serious cases.

5. When the falling position of the hoisted object is low, pay attention to the safety ring of the rope on the reel should not be less than 3 times.

Sixth, when the empty hook falls, gravity can be reduced to improve work efficiency, but these must be used with the brake.

Seven, pay attention to the height of the hook and keep a certain distance from the arm.

Eight, the driver should clearly understand the working conditions of the small excavator and the weight allowed to lift, and should also know the weight of the object being lifted. When the lifting weight is not known yet, the critical weight of the agricultural excavator should also be considered. The test should be carried out first. The weight should be increased first, the stability of the small excavator should be checked, and the safety before lifting should be determined.

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