What are the differences between scraper, loader, bulldozer and excavator?

What are the differences between scraper, loader, bulldozer and excavator?

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  In the process of daily use, there are various kinds of mechanical vehicles, such as scraper, loader, bulldozer, excavator, which have different functions. So what's the difference between them? Let me introduce you today.

  Among them, loaders usually appear in seaports and logistics centers, and their main function is to load and unload containers.



  What are the differences between scraper, loader, bulldozer and excavator?

  The main function of the grader is to level the road surface, which is usually used for snow removal, earth pushing, soil loosening and other functions. Excavator is the most manufacturer of your mechanical equipment for engineering. Its main function is to excavate soil, load, remove and chisel the ground, gravel and other functions.

  The forklift is used to shovel soil and snow. The scope of application of the forklift is similar to that of the excavator, but the working conditions are relatively limited and the efficiency is not as high as that of the excavator. Forklift can't work in soft soil and steep ditches. Most forklifts are wheel type.

  The main function of bulldozer is to push the map, flatten and loosen the mound. So in many places of development, we can see that excavators and bulldozers kick each other and work with high efficiency.

  Scraper, by name, we can see that it has the function of both shovel and transportation. Generally, the scraper is in the place where the soil layer is relatively blocked, and then shovel the soil away and put it in its own towing box. During the transportation of 500-2000 meters, unload the soil to the place where the soil is needed.

  The loader can also carry out light excavation work, and can carry out bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading of wooden beams and steel pipes, etc. by changing the corresponding working devices. Scraper can be used as loader, loader can not be used as scraper.

  Bulldozers are tractor driven machines with relatively wide horizontal shovels, which are used to clear the land, obstacles on the road, etc.

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