Precautions for daily maintenance of mini excavator

Precautions for daily maintenance of mini excavator

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  In the process of using small excavators, we should often carry out daily inspection, so as to ensure that we can find the possible faults of small excavators in time and remove them in advance. Avoid more damage caused by failure.

  During the daily inspection of small excavators, the main inspection point is to ensure that hydraulic excavators can keep effective operation for a long time, which is a very important link. Especially for individual users, daily price inspection can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of small excavators in the future.

  First of all, we need to check whether there is any abnormality in the appearance and the chassis at the bottom of the excavator, and whether there is grease flowing out of the slewing ring. Then check the deceleration braking device and the bolt fastening parts of crawler. If the bolts need to be tightened, they must be replaced in time. If it is a wheel excavator, it is necessary to check whether the tires are different and whether the tire pressure stability.

  Also, it is necessary to check whether the bucket teeth of small excavators are worn. It is understood that the wear of bucket teeth will greatly increase the resistance of excavator in the construction process, will seriously affect the working efficiency of excavator, and will increase the wear degree of equipment parts.

  Check the stick and oil cylinder, mainly to see if there are cracks and oil leakage. Check the electrolyte of the battery to avoid being below the low level line.

  Check the air filter element to prevent a large amount of air containing dust from entering the important position of the excavator, so check and clean it frequently.

  Check the fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and cooling liquid frequently to see if they need to be added. And according to the instructions to choose the oil, keep the parts clean.

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